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Feb 8, 2023 Update — Is your deposit in yet?

January flew by and we have been getting deposits steady as well as calls and emails for reservations for the few openings left on the board.

We have a few prime openings left for May and June, but not many so now is the time to lock something in for spring. If you haven’t sent your deposit for 2023, please reach out ASAP to arrange to get those trips locked in and confirmed.

There is a week available starting May 27 in 2-bedroom cabin as well as weeks of June 10, 17 and 24 in our Terry RV. Five nights stays are available in 2-bedeoom cabins starting June 17 and June 25. There are a smattering of other short stays available as well. Jump on one while you can!!


As we roll through the first week of 2023 with the resort resting peacefully, please keep in mind that deposits for all 2023 trips are due ASAP. Moving forward, we will be asking deposits to be sent in Nov/Dec so we have them prior to Jan 1, but we have not had a chance to make this widely known so we’re starting to get the word out now.

Deposits will be $500 per week, per cabin and should be sent to our winter address with $1.45 postage.

Mylie’s Place
PO Box 217
East Selkirk MB R0E 0M0

You can still call Ellen with your credit card info as well. A convenience fee of 3% will be added to your account prior to settling up for any deposits done via credit card.

Anyone with holds on dates from when they left last season will need to let us know now if they will be keeping them or letting them go. If you have a hold on a date/cabin, you can expect us to reach out very soon if we haven’t heard from you.

There are a few openings here and there so check out what is currently open for the taking on the resort website availability page.

November 24, 2022 – Happy Thanksgiving!!
As we wish a safe, healthy and hapy Thanksgiving holiday to our American friends and resort family members, it’s time to announce all available dates for 2023 are current on the website through September. There are some October dates posted as well, but you can always reach out if something specific between Oct 4 and Oct 14 is in your range. Rates for 2023 have also been posted so check out the appropriate pages for dates and rates so we can get you locked in to your 2023 Lake of the Woods fishing trip ASAP!

We’re extra thankful this year for amazing support through a difficult year of high water and leftover border restrictions. The dropping of all remaining border restrictions this past Oct 1, 2022 has created even more demand for Canadian fishing trips so if dates are open, set the hook on them quick! Waiting lists are forming as well and there is always some movement between now and March 1 when deposit become non-refundable so reach out with any thought and possible plans you are considering. May, June, July and early August dates are very limited already so don’t wait too long!!

June 12, 2022 – State of the Resort Update
For the record, we are still selling gas, bait (minnows, leeches, crawlers) and operating normally except for docks being not being in the water. We have modified the routine on the boat ramp so that people can launch their own rigs if they are comfortable, but also offering nearly full valet-type assistance when needed. We’ll back your boat in so you can head out fishing and then retrieve your vehicle and back down the ramp with the trailer so you can run the boat up to load when you come back. The procedure has been working very well thus far and we’ll continue to do whatever we possibly can to make things easier for our guests as we go through the high water period. We are fortunate to have the best boat ramp in the area so the actual launching and loading of boats is easy peasy here at the resort.

The lake is expected to peak relatively soon and we are hopefully for some relief in terms of rising waters once that happens. Until then, we’re here for all of the same fishing needs as before and more (with the addition of crawlers to our live bait offerings) and look forward to welcoming everyone for their trips.

June 11, 2022 – High Water Update


Current lake levels are nearly unprecedented. Lake of the Woods Township has declared a State of Emergency as a result of the flooding around the lake.

As we inch closer to the all-time record high water levels, we are asking that everyone coming and going from our bay and Hanson Bay observe a “no wake zone” from the points of the bays.

Please power down to idle speed or wait to power up until outside the entrance of the bays and into the normal travel channel.

While we cannot do anything about wind pounding shorelines, destroying docks and eroding property at an alarming rate, we can try to limit the impact of equally destructive boat wakes.

Merely slowing down partially or speeding up slowly will increase you wakes. Plowing creates the largest wakes possible and is the exact opposite of what is required right now so let’s leave plowing to the farmers.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this stressful and difficult flood situation.

No wake in the entire bay, please!

May 19, 2022 – Update for 2022 Opener

We have been getting lots of questions about different things this spring so we’ll try and answer as many of them as we can.

1st — Our cabin cleaning and preparation for guest arrival is going well. All our cabins are high and dry for the most part. There will be some sogginess to avoid and we will be asking people to take a few extra steps around these areas to avoid dragging mud all over the sidewalks and inside the cabins.

2nd — We will have plenty of eggs available. We can reload Tuesdays and Thursdays if we need more. If you have a large # of dozen you’d like during your stay, it would be a good idea to let us know so we can plan for that when we order.

3rd — We expect to have minnows, leeches and crawlers available for bait. All bait suppliers have raised prices so we will have to as well. Crawlers should be pre-ordered as much as possible as we are working with someone to try and keep a stock of flats available by pre-order and some packs of 18 for those not using as many.

5 — We will work with guests to assist loading boats, but if you are able to launch and load yourself, that would be quite helpful for the time being.

4th — We will NOT have any docks in the water to start the season. The high water is a serious problem and it will be getting much worse before it ever gets better. The May 18th update expects another 6-8 inches in the next 7 day period. Inflows are at record highs and are double what the outflow is at Kenora (2500 cubic meters per second inflow vs 1280 cubic meters per second outflow.)

5th — Lake levels are significantly effected by wind. Winds from the west bring the water up as much as 6+ inches when it is blowing hard. East winds can drop levels. It’s important to remember that this is temporary and changes with each wind direction. It may look like levels are low enough for docks on some days and then come up and have dangerous amounts of torque on connections in places that normally don’t have any. We’ll do what is best/safest for our guests, your fishing rigs and our own docks. Everything is expensive to replace so the proper consideration of the big picture is required.

6th — We will work with guests to assist loading boats, but if you are able to launch and load yourself, that would be quite helpful for the time being.

7th — We have a fabricator picking up raw materials today to begin working on some extensions that will allow us to hook up some docks at some point in the next week or 2. it will be dependent on water levels and may first include the harbor only to help protect the shoreline from erosion and waves.

8th — Be prepared to be asked and reminder to idle in and out an even greater distance than during normal conditions. All of our neighbours are having he same high water and shoreline issues and everyone needs to do their part to minimize their impact.

9th — As always, we will do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience of this high water period. Things will evolve over the next 2-3 weeks and get worse before they get better, but hopefully start to turn in the right directions with weather, soggy/saturated ground around the resort and high water levels everyone soon. Overall, things could be a lot worse. Keeping the right perspective is key and that is helping us keep our chins up as we get ready to welcome our first guests tomorrow.

May 10, 2022 – Important Water Level Information

The Lake of the Woods Water Control Board held a public info session webinar the evening of May 10 to provide information on the current state of water levels and what can be expected moving forward.

Screen shots of their main points of interest are included here. For regular updates, see their website notice board at:


With uncertain peaks, the water levels are very concerning and we will have decisions to make about whether docks should go in while levels are this high.

There is a very reasonable chance that we will be putting barrels out cribs and filling them up with water instead of putting floating docks in.

Anyone with places on the lake should be making plans to hold down docks with barrels, old skiffs you can fill up with water or other means of weighting down your stringers and top decking so they don’t float away as water rises.

May 2, 2022: BIRD FLU ISSUES: Poultry & Eggs Restricted

There have been restrictions placed on importing uncooked poultry, eggs and pet food with poultry products due to bird flu concerns.

Link to Import Restriction Info

We expect to be able to have all the eggs you need here at the resort. If there is any concern, we will make an announcement on our website and social media so you can make other plans for your eggs.

Check the date blow to see if you have the most recent updates to the Border Crossing Guide:

COVID UPDATE: Removal of pre-arrival testing requirements

Pre-Arrival Testing is Over as of April 1, 2022

The Government of Canada has officially announced that pre-arrival testing for crossing the border will be removed for fully vaccinated travelers as of April 1, 2022.

This is a huge step forward to makings things simpler as you plan to come and see these kinds of gorgeous sunrises with your own eyes.

Please keep in mind that you still require a full vaccination series (boosters not required) and must complete an ArriveCAN submission prior to arriving at the port of entry. The ArriveCAN submission will continue to ask for a quarantine plan because self test kits will still be given out randomly at the border.

A reminder to our guests that we will assist you with your self-test if selected randomly, so please bring the kit with you and do not open anything until we get you set up to make the telehealth video call at the lodge.

This announcement comes almost 2 years to the day that the border was initially shut down to non-essential traffic. All of us at Mylie’s and the tourism industry in general are looking forward to the much better season come spring.

It is important to note that kids aged 5-11 do not require full vaccination to travel to Canada with vaccinated parents, grandparents, guardians, but if they are not vaccinated, they will continue to require pre-arrival testing as before, as well as a Day 1 arrival test. This means, they will given a self test kit (same as random self test kits) to do after arriving at your final destination.

Kids aged 12-17 that are not full vaccinated would also be admissible to travel with vaccinated parents, but require pre-arrival testing and full 14 day quarantine on arrival as well as Day 1 arrival self testing and Day 8 self testing if staying that long.

For the official announcement, follow this link to the Government of Canada’s website:


Thank you all for being patient throughout this slow process of restrictions being removed. We hope to be able to welcome everyone again much sooner than later.

— Justin Krista & Ellen

Do you fish in Miles Bay, Sabaskong Bay, Obabikon Bay, Burrow Bay, the Basil Channel (Dawson Island) and Sunset Channel?  Why stay on a part of the lake that has you spend half your day running to and from the areas you want to fish? We are 6-10 miles from these hot spots. Don’t worry; the Little Traverse basin, Stevens Bay and Stony Portage aren’t much further. 

Mylie’s Place is right in the center of all the best  fishing action on the south end of Lake of the Woods. 

Try staying in Morson on your next trip to Lake of the Woods and see how you can FISH MORE AND SPEND LESS!

Once you cross the border at either Fort Frances/International Falls or Baudette/Rainy River, you will be on HWY 11 and will then turn north on HWY 621 at Sleeman, Ontario.  Follow HWY 621 north until you pass through the little town of Morson and make a left on Vauthey Rd.  Mylie’s Place Resort is located at the end of Vauthey Rd so just come on in until you find the resort.  If you end up in the lake, you’ve gone a bit too far!!  

If you’ve ever stayed at another resort in the Morson area, you’ve mostly likely come within a a few cast lengths of Mylie’s Place and maybe not even known it!!  Do yourself a favor next time you’re in the neighborhood; stop in and and say hello.  We’ll be glad to show you around the resort so you can see what we have to offer.

The exchange rates have swung back in favor of those with US currency to spend.   We are pleased to always have our rates in Canadian Funds so that the premium will help you keep money in YOUR pocket rather than add more to ours.  For current exchange rate info, please visit the following link to our bank’s exchange rate information:  Royal Bank Foreign Exchange Rate Information.


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