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As you probably know, the Canada-USA border has been temporarily shut down to non-essential travel due to an abundance of caution taken to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 during this time of pandemic. This allows for critical trade/commerce to continue so that both Canada and the USA can continue to provide the goods and service needed to assist all citizens during this difficult time.

We will continue to careful monitor the situation to keep everyone as informed as possible. Things will change many, many times before opener and we continue to hope for the best. For now, we are doing our part to stem the spread by self isolating and practicing social distancing during required errands for food and supplies. We urge all of our resort family members to do the same as much as possible to ensure the shortest interval of potential business interruptions both in Canada and the USA.

Please keep this homepage, as well as our facebook page, in mind for updates on the situation as time moves along.

Thank you for doing your part to flatten the curve. If you are in an essential service industry, thank you for continuing to work to provide all of us with what we need to get through this scary time.

Lake of the Woods is truly an awesome Canadian Shield natural fishery. With over 1,000,000 acres of water and more than 14,000 islands, there is no need to go further!

With an abundance of trophy class fish (please practice CPR Fishing; Catch, Photo, and Release) available for walleyes, muskies, northern pike, smallmouth bass, perch, and crappie, the Morson area has everything you need for a fantastic fishing vacation.

Mylie’s Place is only 50 miles from the border at Baudette, MN and you can be on the water within an hour of crossing into Canada. Find out why more & more anglers are spending less time in the truck and more time on the water by fishing Lake of the Woods out of Morson, Ontario.

Do you fish in Miles Bay, Sabaskong Bay, Obabikon Bay, Burrow Bay, the Basil Channel (Dawson Island) and Sunset Channel?  Why stay on a part of the lake that has you spend half your day running to and from the areas you want to fish? We are 6-10 miles from these hot spots. Don’t worry; the Little Traverse basin, Stevens Bay and Stony Portage aren’t much further. 

Mylie’s Place is right in the center of all the best  fishing action on the south end of Lake of the Woods. 

Try staying in Morson on your next trip to Lake of the Woods and see how you can FISH MORE AND SPEND LESS!

Once you cross the border at either Fort Frances/International Falls or Baudette/Rainy River, you will be on HWY 11 and will then turn north on HWY 621 at Sleeman, Ontario.  Follow HWY 621 north until you pass through the little town of Morson and make a left on Vauthey Rd.  Mylie’s Place Resort is located at the end of Vauthey Rd so just come on in until you find the resort.  If you end up in the lake, you’ve gone a bit too far!!  

If you’ve ever stayed at another resort in the Morson area, you’ve mostly likely come within a a few cast lengths of Mylie’s Place and maybe not even known it!!  Do yourself a favor next time you’re in the neighborhood; stop in and and say hello.  We’ll be glad to show you around the resort so you can see what we have to offer.

The exchange rates have swung back in favor of those with US currency to spend.   We are pleased to always have our rates in Canadian Funds so that the premium will help you keep money in YOUR pocket rather than add more to ours.  For current exchange rate info, please visit the following link to our bank’s exchange rate information and click on the CASH RATE tab:  Royal Bank Foreign Exchange Rate Information.


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