Cabins 5A & 5B

Cabin 5A/5B aka the “New Duplex” opened to guests in time for walleye opener in 2017.
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Covid Lemonade project: sidewalk for new duplex

Cabin 5A

Cabin 5B

The new duplex cabins have been set up as mirror images of each other. They contain the same furnishings on both sides, except a new table added in Cabin 5B in 2022. Each cabin features mini-split combination air conditioning/heat pump units, over the range microwaves, 30″ fridges & stoves, 1-piece fiberglass tub/showers. There are 2 bedrooms in each cabin. In 1 of the bedrooms, there are 2 twin beds. In the other bedroom, there is a double bed and a twin bed. All beds in the new duplex are extra long (XL.) Each cabin has its own deck, picnic table and lounge chairs.

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