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A trip to Lake of the Woods is about more than just fishing. Whether it is the stunning scenery, close encounters with nature or a weather phenomenon you may not witness at home, the number of cool things that can happen when you spend time around a 1,000,000 acre body of water are endless.

The purchase of our drone in the late fall of 2017 opens up a lot more possibilities when it comes to capturing unique stuff around the resort.

A short drone’s eye-view video of the resort and water surrounding us at Mylie’s.
Lake of the Woods has over 14,000 islands within its 1.000,000 acres.
How many can you count in this 180+ degree sweep from just above the resort with our drone?
A nasty windstorm snuck up on us in June 2017 and brought sustained 50-60MPH winds for a couple of hours. The docks held up incredibly well considering the pounding they took with all the extra weight of boats tied up. We had no warning so we were not able to initiate an emergency “everyone out of the pool” boat loading initiative. This wind knocked power out for over 30 hours.
A lightning show that wouldn’t quit courtesy of Mother Nature from July 2017.
The worst of the storm had already moved through and knocked out power so all you can hear is the hum of the generator outside of the bait house.

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