If our cabins are our pride and joy, our docks aren’t far behind them in term of importance and attention. Having a safe place to tie up your boat while you are not on the lake is probably just as important than a comfortable place to sleep. It might be even more important for some folks.

Our harbor and docking system is made up of 33 floating docks that are all 20′ length. With the average boat getting a lot bigger over the years, a minimum slip length of 20′ is an absolute necessity.

Our harbor and docking system with its 33 floating docks and 7 ramps. Each slip has electricity close by so you can charge your batteries. Slips are all a minimum of 20 feet long and each contains 16 feet of premium white “double d” profile premium rubber to hep keep minimize dock rash.

We have another 3 docks and 1 ramp attached to the bait house pier so you can come over for fuel and bait without being bombarded by people coming in and going out on the lake from their boat slips.

Dock system from above; including the main gas docks attached to the pier at the bait house (far left of photo.)

The comfort of your boats at our docks is just as important to us your comfort in our cabins. We figure you will sleep better knowing your boat is sleeping comfortably too.

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