June 2019 Fishing Photos

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A 29″ personal best for Chris and twin 24″ for his bride Mauryah on back to back June weekends. #CPR

Brad and Jeff with 2 beauties caught and released during their trip June 8-12.

A few of the nice walleyes released during the Buchholz Group’s trip June 8-15.

Kyle brought his wife, Kelly, and son, Hunter, for their first visit to Lake of the Woods. It looks like they had a pretty good time making some memories during their stay June 12-15.

Karyn with a dandy 26″ walleye during the Weiland Family visit June 8-13.

Dorries gets a big one, Liz gets a big one, Rita gets a big one, Zack gets a big one! EVERYONE gets a big one at Lake of the Woods!

Four personal bests in one boat in one week! Dan with a 43″ muskie, Mike with a 47″ muskie, Nick with a 28″ walleye and Nick again with a 44″ muskie during the week of June 15-22.

Will’s 1st day of fishing in Canada yielded this monster 19″ personal best smallie on June 23.
Brooke’s 26.5″ walleye caught, photographed and release on June 29.
C liff’s 29″ walleye caught, photographed, and released on June 23.

Great photo memories from the Gifford family’s trip June 23-28, 2019. Dawson is pictured below with his personal best 26″ walleye caught, photographed and released on the last fishing day of the trip before leaving the following morning.

Dawson’s personal best 26″ walleye.
Caught, Photographed, Released on June 27, 1019.


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