Cabin 6


Cabin 6 is a 3 bedroom cabin with 2 twin beds in each bedroom. Cabin 6 can accommodate 6 guests. The bathroom features a 1-piece fiberglass shower. The kitchen is set up with a 30″ fridge, 30″ stove and over the range microwave. Cabin 6 was raised and levelled in 2020 during covid downtime. Also in 202, weeping tile was dug in around the cabin to divert water away from the underside of the cabin. Gutters were installed to direct water to weeping tile.

Other recent upgrades include: Mini-split AC/Heat pump unit (2021), over the range microwave (2020), entry door (2020), bedroom carpet (2021), bedroom paneling (2020), forced-air fan bedroom heaters (2020), blinds (2021), Hot water tank moved from bedroom to outside compartment (2020), nearly full length deck (2020/2021; pictures coming soon.)

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