Granny’s Cabin

Granny’s cabin gets its name from actually being Grandma’s house at one time. Grandpa Mylie had his mother’s home moved to the resort so she could be near his family. After her passing, it became a rental cabin.

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Granny’s cabin is the largest cabin in our line-up. It features 3 bedrooms with twin beds in each. It is the only cabin with a separate living room and kitchen area. The kitchen features a 30″ fridge, 30″ stove and over-the-range microwave. The bathroom has a 1-piece fiberglass shower. There is also a separate inside porch type area for coolers, jackets, shoes, etc. It is a very popular choice for groups of 5-6 people and also for groups with multiple cabins that like to use Granny’s extra space for “entertaining” others in their party that are staying in another cabin.

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