May 2019 Fish Photos

All Photos can be clicked on to enlarge and/or open a slideshow type gallery.

Sara K’s first ever trip to Canada produced on opening day of 2019. The “little” one on the left is 29. The big one on right measured 30.5″. Caught, Photographed, Released.

Dylan K with a personal best 39″ northern that was caught, photographed and release during the 2019 Opener weekend.

The Kaiser group had a great trip in 2019 as well. They can’t all be giants!

Duane and Scott with some fishing fun during opening week of 2019.

Some of the other sights and sounds from opening weekend 2019.

The Hildebrandt, Schoenberg, Bakeberg group had another great opening weekend trip this year.

The Hanson Party is a long time Opening Week group that always does well. Thanks or sharing some great photos from your visit this year, guys!

Dave and Ron with 25″ and 27″ walleye during opening week.
Caught, Photographed, Released.

Jon A with his 18.5″ Smallmouth Bass on Memorial Weekend 2019
Caught, Photographed, Released

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