Mylie’s Place 2021 Availability 

Welcoming Canadian Guests!!
As the border remains closed, we are hopeful to add some new Canadians to the ranks of our resort family. We encourage you to contact us for details and ask about covid-rates. Our pricing/rates offer amazing value without a discount, but you may be able to get even more for your money during covid.

As of July 1, we have about half our cabins ready for reservations while the others have planned maintenance or projects we hope to finish during covid-induced downtime. With the current border closure agreement set to expire near the end of July, we can accept all reservations in July up to that point on the calendar. If/when we hear more news about the border closure extending past July, we will be able to open up the calendar further.

Please note that there will be no Saturday arrivals or departures in the new duplex (Cabins 5A & 5B) to ensure we do not add to the already overloaded Saturday cabin cleaning schedule.  This “rule” has been waived during covid.

These dates are provided as a guide and should be confirmed as being available with an email or phone call. We try to keep them as up to date as possible, but may neglect to remove or add a date that has been reserved or canceled from time to time.

Don’t hesitate to ask about dates you don’t see as available. Many groups each year are able to get desired dates by getting onto the waiting list and allowing us to contact them if/when a cancellation occurs for that time frame.

All dates should be read as: Date of Arrival – Date of Departure 

May/June 2021: Full WeeksCabin #s
Accepting Canadian Inquiries contact us for details
May/June 2020: Other DatesCabin #s
Accepting Canadian Inquiries contact us for details
July/Aug 2020: Full WeeksCabin #s
Accepting Canadian Inquiriescontact us for details
July/Aug 2021: Other DatesCabin #s
Coming soon. contact us for details
Sept/Oct 2020: Full WeeksCabin #s
Coming soon. contact us for details
Sept/Oct 2020: Other DatesCabin #s
Coming soon.contact us for details

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